LG to give public look at future of flexible OLED tech at CES


LG has already showcased its flexible display technology with its G Flex line of phones, but the technology that makes curved screens a possibility is still largely in its infancy. We still have quite a distance to cover before we see consumer-ready devices with displays that fold up like paper, but LG is ready to show us what that might look like in reality. At this year’s CES, LG will proudly display its next generation of flexible OLED panels in the form of an 18-inch paper-thin display that can be rolled up like a newspaper.

The panel in question was first announced over a year ago with specs that included a 3mm thickness and 1200×810 resolution, and we might expect that not much has changed given a lack of new details. What will be more interesting to learn about the panels is how they will hold up to repeated bending over time. The resiliency of flexible screens is a major question that has so far inhibited the technology to implementations that mostly showcase a static curve rather than the futuristic visions of e-readers that behave like traditional books and magazines.

The 18-inch size of the display offers intriguing possibilities for potential uses, included large-format tablets, but the tech would need to be downsized to be useful in a smartphone form factor. Specific plans for consumer-oriented products utilizing such a display are unknown at this time, if any exist at all.

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