Dec 31st, 2015


Like many of you, we were surprised to find that, in addition to all the great hardware already found on the Huawei Watch, the Android Wear device was also hiding a secret speaker within. Currently, Android Wear doesn’t (yet) support external audio, but it’s entirely possible and even likely that it will be added in a future software update.

Fast forward to today where someone on Reddit allegedly received the Android Wear 1.4 update on their watch and wouldn’t you know it, he claims it enabled the watch’s dormant speaker. This isn’t an officially rollout, mind you. He’s running test build MEB78D and although Google Now doesn’t appear to speak back answers to search queries, the user says he was able to set a ringtone and place phone calls on the watch itself. Just like Dick freaking Tracy.

Of course, things are still fairly early and given that this is only a test build, we expect more functionality in a future stable release. As it stands, this is just a taste of things to come for Huawei Watch owners and we can’t wait to see this feature officially rollout on our device.

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