Deal: NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV + free remote is just $174.99 at GameStop


GameStop’s latest deal for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV and remote isn’t as good as Black Friday’s $50 off bonanza, but if you were late to that train and still in the market for one GameStop has you covered. The device — which is normally $199.99 — is going for $174.99 at the gaming retailer.

What’s more is that this offer is for the TV + remote bundle, which means you’re saving another $50. This is $25 cheaper than retailers like Amazon are currently listing it for, so if you have no qualms with buying from GameStop then it’s worth taking advantage.


Of course, with the new year right around the corner there could be more deals lined up as folks look to move inventory in the final hours of the year, but we wouldn’t expect anything much better than this. Take advantage before it’s too late. PS: this offer is available only in the US.

[via GameStop]

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