Dec 28th, 2015

It can be tough as a CEO to keep the morale of the troops high in dire times, so it’s important for them to at least say all the right things. In a vote of confidence, CEO Cher Wang has put her foot down and told folks to stop worrying about HTC’s future, because the company isn’t going anywhere. Leadership skills!

But that’s always easy to say in the here and now, and which CEO do you know would publicly instill doubt that the company will be able to recover? That’s not to say HTC can’t do it, but it won’t be easy, and I’m sure many defunct companies thought they would live on forever before they eventually reached that dreaded point of no return.

HTC logo DSC08946

To credit HTC, though, they’re at least taking heed to solid old adage: you can’t expect to keep doing the same thing and get different results, and they’re certainly all for trying new things. Their trek into wearables is looking more interesting than anyone else’s, with a line of fitness products and an awesome virtual reality headset being forged behind the scenes. The company is also looking to improve marketing and scale their business down to keep operating costs at a minimum. They’re refocusing their business by offering up affordable handsets directly to consumers.

It all sounds and looks really good on paper, but HTC’s going to have to be better than “good” if they want to overcome their recent troubles, especially considering how tough the competition continues to get.

[via FocusTaiwan]

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