Verizon offering $650 if you leave your current carrier for their network


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As December draws to a close, many of you are no doubt already preparing your New Year’s resolutions. Because few things in life are more frustrating than paying for spotty cell service, It’s hard to argue that Verizon — although a little on the pricey side — still offers the best coverage for your buck. If you found yourself roped in by other carrier deals, Verizon wants you back. In fact, they’re willing to pay upwards of $650 per line for you to make the switch. So if carrier woes got you down last year, Verizon’s latest offer might be of interest you.

In order to be eligible for the offer you’ll first need port your line over to Verizon from another carrier, trade in your old smartphone, and purchase a new Verizon smartphone on their monthly payment plan. Verizon says you’ll then get up to $650 on a prepaid card “for the installment plan balance less the device trade-in value (or up to a $350 prepaid card for early termination fees less the device trade-in value).” Keep in mind, your trade-in must be in good working condition and worth more than $0. Also, your new line/s must be active for a minimum of 6 months.

The deal is good per line, so theoretically, a family for 4 could port all their lines to Verizon (along with trade-ins) and receive a whopping $2,600 to cover all the costs associated with making the switch, including paying off your old phone. Not too shabby at all. Verizon is also throwing in a bonus 2GB of data for life to anyone who makes the switch and selects their XL or XXL Verizon plans. For the more details, check out Verizon’s press release here.

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