New alleged Samsung Galaxy S7 case renders give us a closer look at the thing


GSMArena and case manufacturer ITSKINS have teamed up again to provide another set of case renders for an upcoming phone. 2016’s top challenger — otherwise known as the Samsung Galaxy S7 — is the device being paraded this time.

EXCLUSIVE 2 Samsung Galaxy S7 renders show edge and Plus variants news

The renders are quite interesting a couple of different ways. For starters, they seemingly confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will have an overall shape and size similar to this year’s Galaxy S6. There are a couple of subtlties worth noting, namely that the curve on the rear of the regular Galaxy S7 will be more profound, while the Galaxy S7 Edge won’t have a rear curve ( which makes sense as it’ll have a curved display).

The renders also show a different home button compared to what previous CAD renders told us to expect. While the home button on those renders were wider and squared off, Samsung seems to have simply made a bigger version of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s home button.

But there’s reason to hold off on believing that either set of the leaked renders are telling the truth. Case manufacturers typically only get dimensions for depth, width, and height of the device, but don’t always necessarily have access to intricate details about other external quirks.

EXCLUSIVE 4 Samsung Galaxy S7 renders show edge and Plus variants news

The biggest evidence of this was seen with the Nexus 6P’s leaked cases — manufacturers’ early renders covered up the device’s rear panel which houses sensors, and it was only after the device was made official that the renders were tweaked to reflect that. That said, we’d imagine something like the home button’s exact shape is something case manufacturers would need in case they are looking to create full body cases (like the Otterbox Defender) so it’s possible ITSKINS does have access to that info.

All that aside, it’s still important to remember that case renders are not to be taken as gospel. We’ve seen some case manufacturers use fan-made renders to show off their cases early, and it wouldn’t surprise us if this Galaxy S7 render was simply a modified Samsung Galaxy S6 as rumors say to expect a near-identical design. Take it for what you will.

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