Dec 1st, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:07 pm

The jump in design and quality from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the Samsung Galaxy S6 was one of great magnitude, but should we expect a similar jump for the Samsung Galaxy S7? A new report says no, but that’s not totally surprising.

Korea Times reports Samsung is not looking to undergo another huge facelift so as to keep costs down and to focus on other important areas of innovation. This makes sense, and it’s a strategy Apple and other successful manufacturers have used for years. Find your perfect design — they seem to have done that with this past year’s models — and refine it. LG’s doing it. HTC’s doing it. Motorola’s doing it. Everyone’s doing it.

Where you should expect refinements are in areas of display and camera quality, as well as device performance and software enhancements. That’s not to say Samsung won’t try something new at all, they’re just not out to reinvent the wheel, and that should be perfectly fine (especially because their smartphones still lead the way when it comes to bar-pushing, such as Samsung Pay’s ability to be used with regular credit card swipes).

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