Alleged Moto X 2016 chassis leaks, shows an internal heat pipe


Another interesting leak related to the supposed Moto X 2016 has spawned. Today we get a look at the device’s internal chassis, otherwise known as the slab of metal that holds all the pieces together.


While we don’t get a ton of information from a chassis alone, we do see that there’s an internal heat pipe embedded. If you don’t know, a heat pipe is a common PC component that helps safely transfer heat from one source to another (typically the processor or power supply). It’s rare to see it in phones, though, so we’re quite surprised by Motorola looking to include this in their design.

We can’t think of many great reasons why Motorola would opt for a heat pipe, but there are a couple of possibilities:

  • Less likely: they’ll be using a Snapdragon 810, which had heating issues early on.
  • More likely: they simply want to be more safe than sorry, and a heat pipe gives them a safety net no matter what sorts of heating issues may spawn out of the chipset they use.

One last interesting bit of information offered by this leak is that the speaker holes on the bottom match up with the rear-facing speaker holes from a previous leak. That’s not to say there’s a 100% chance of this being a legit and final design for the Moto X 2016, but it does give us a little more confidence in believing its existence.

[via GforGames]

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