You can buy the Champagne OnePlus X starting today


It’s Tuesday, which means the OnePlus X is going up for an open sale opportunity. There’s nothing huge changing in the process — you’ll still have a set amount of time in which you can order a OnePlus X without an invite — but today folks in 2 regions will get their first chance to buy the Champagne edition.

oneplus x white gold champagne

Those regions are Europe and Hong Kong, with the Onyx, Ceramic and Champagne units being available to buy. The former’s window opens at 4PM CET, while Hong Kong’s window opens at the same time in their respective time zone.  The United States is also included in today’s open sale, but OnePlus still hasn’t made anything other than the Onyx variant available in this corner of the world (though we’re told the Champagne variant will be available for US buyers this January).

It’s also worth noting that availability for each of the special edition models will be limited. There are only 500 Ceramic units available in each region, and only 2500 units of the Champagne. Fortunately the standard Onyx model still looks quite nice if you are forced to settle. Head here to order one when the time comes.

[via OnePlus]

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