Razer Forge TV introduces Cortex, their newly rebranded OUYA store


Razer Forge Android TV Cortex

Owners of the Razer Forge TV are being greeted by a new app store today made especially for the set top box. Well, sort of. The app store — which has been dubbed “Cortex” — is technically a rebranded OUYA store (you know, that failed Tegra 3-powered console that made a lot of noise a few years ago). You may remember when Razer purchased OUYA’s assets for an undisclosed amount earlier this year, and the newly rebranded Cortex game and app store a result of that.

For those wondering, all the content originally available in the OUYA store has now been carried over to Cortex and developers interested in publishing their apps can still use the original OUYA ODK and “OUYA Everywhere” to publish their games to the Android TV console.

Cortex will be available after a quick system update on the console and users who sign up will receive $10 credit to buy whatever they like from the store. Keep in mind that — just like the original OUYA store — purchases aren’t shared with the Google Play Store. That means buying a game on Cortex doesn’t mean you’ll have access to it on your other Android devices or vice versa. Knowing that, we’d recommend sticking to the console exclusive titles.


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