Vimeo for Android resurrected from “useless” status with a huge update [VIDEO]


Vimeo’s self-admitted bad Android app is, well, not bad anymore. The company finally introduced a major update that brings it out of the stone ages and makes it not useless.

vimeo for android update

This is version 2.0, and it features a stout, but clean interface for which to browse and upload all your videos. One of the big things Vimeo wanted to focus on was the uploading function. Not only is it easier and faster to do that, but you also get the same suite of options on mobile — like setting up descriptions or password protecting videos — as you would on desktop.

The video player itself is neat with a list of related videos, number of views, and controls for favoriting or sharing. There are also curated lists of videos based on a wide range of different interests, and you can follow those lists to have new videos from them show up in your timeline every day.

The update is headed out in Google Play right now, so get on over there to download it. Vimeo says that more is on the way and they’ll shape development based on your feedback, so be sure to voice your opinions using the various avenues they have set up for that.

[via Vimeo]

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