Need for Speed: No Limits is Motor Madness on NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1


EA’s critically-acclaimed arcade racing franchise speeds onto NVIDIA SHIELD with Need for Speed: No Limits, now available to download free on SHIELD Tablet K1.


The great news is that SHIELD Tablet K1 users get to play the most optimized version. The developers have worked closely with NVIDIA to ensure that players get the best visual experience on SHIELD Tablet K1. Using multi-layered road effects, a new particle system, advanced shadow-mapping, anti-aliasing and depth-of-field, the whole experience has a truly cinematic look and feel.

In Need for Speed: No Limits, players assume the role of an unnamed street racer who finds himself up against the Blackridge Royals racing crew. On proving his worth against team leader Marcus King, he is gifted a car and offered a race. It turns out the car is stolen and your character finds himself having to evade the cops, eventually returning the car to its rightful owner, Kim, and securing a place with her crew. Now the real fun begins.


Over the course of the career mode you will progress through tutorial, street, muscle, classic sport, sport and super classes with each increasing in difficulty and having its own unique rival. In the interests of heightened drama, the rival in the final super class is none other than the dastardly Marcus King.

Each racing class has a slew of different events. From simply having to finish first in rush hour, there are also time trials, team battles, and a thrilling mode called nitro rush in which you will only reach the line in time by utilizing the game’s nitro zones. The racing, as you can probably gather, is quite a chaotic process and pretty much anything goes. Getting airtime over jumps, near misses, nitro boosting and drifting all add to your performance and reputation. By collecting blueprints and currency you can unlock a staggering 30 real-world licensed cars with the ability to enhance them with hundreds of custom body parts from popular manufacturers including Rocket Bunny, 6666 Customs, RTR and RWB.

Featuring 900 race events and 38 courses, Need for Speed: No Limits provides some seriously long-term thrills. No Limits is free to download and while you can take advantage of optional in-game purchases for upgrades, if you’re willing to persevere, take your time and grind through your career it’s quite possible to emerge victorious without ever spending a dime.


Download Need for Speed: No Limits from Google Play for free.

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