Grab your wallets: the gold Nexus 6P can be yours right now for only $2,000 [NOT-SO-GREAT DEALS]


ebay gold nexus 6p

While gold could be considered too flashy for some, it’s definitely one of the color options sorely lacking from the Nexus 6P when it was officially announced back in September. Early leaks of the Nexus 6P showed the phone would come in a classy gold color option, something we later learned would be carrier exclusive to SoftBank in Japan.

Recently we heard rumors that the gold option could soon arrive in the US, but if you simply can’t wait for whenever that occurs — should rumors hold true — you can pick up one right now for only $2,000. That’s the price eBay seller bq_shop is currently asking for the gold variant with free shipping in the US. Sounds a bit overpriced, if you ask us.

We’re not sure what kind of frequency band differences there are with this Japanese version and the one you can already buy in the Google Store for $500, but the seller says the phone is compatible with most countries including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, and of course, Japan.

Although we’re not entirely sure we would have chosen this color had it originally been made available in the US, it certainly would have been nice to have the option. That being said, you’d be missing out if you didn’t pick up the Nexus 6P no matter what color it comes in. We found it’s the best Android Phone currently available.


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