Get you a free $20 Best Buy gift card when using Android Pay on your Nexus device


If you’re in the mobile payments business, the best time to launch your service is right before the holidays. With the holiday season soon drawing to a close, the window of opportunity for services to gain new users is closing quick.

In a new push to get shoppers using Android Pay, Google is now teaming up with Best Buy to offer a $20 Best Buy gift card when using the tap-to-pay service. To be eligible, you’ll simply need to make any purchase using Android Pay on a Nexus device before December 31st, but because it’s a “while supplies last” kinda thing, you’ll probably want to act sooner rather than later.

The $20 e-gift card will be sent directly to your Android Pay account after a few days, where you can then use it like a physical card, only through the Android Pay app at another tap-to-pay terminal. Not too long ago, Google had another Android Pay promo only at the time they were giving away a free Android Mini Collectibles when using the service at Jamba Juice. But this, this is much better.


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