Use your phone as a lightsaber in Chrome Experiment’s new Star Wars mini-game


lightsaber escape

Whether you’re looking for something to impress the Mrs, or simply want to try something different with the kids, Google’s latest Chrome experiment is bringing a little extra Star Wars fun to your Android devices. Google has teamed up with Disney, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light & Magic to create an interesting little mini-game, one that doesn’t require you installing any extra apps or games onto your phone.

Star Wars Lightsaber Escape Chrome Experiment

Simply visit on your desktop Chrome browser, then type in the unique short URL at the bottom of your page on your phone also using Chrome, to play a neat little Star Wars promotional game called “Lightsaber Escape.” Don’t worry — there aren’t any new movie spoilers. After some quick calibration, you’ll be swinging a lightsaber as you attempt to escape an Imperial Star Destroyer filled with Stormtroopers.

It’s pretty basic and there is some pretty noticeable lag when moving the lightsaber on screen whilst swinging your phone around. Just keep in mind this is yet another one of Google’s fun Chrome Experiments — it’s not a full blown vidya game. Besides, it’s free and aside from the fact that it almost melted my MacBook, it was totally worth messing around with.

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