XtremeGuard accessories 92% off, tempered glass screen protectors only $2.40 when you buy 2 [DEALS]


Xtreme Guard

Spend any amount of time online today and you’re sure to run into a great deal or two. As part of XtremeGuard’s Cyber Monday deal, the accessory retailer is offering 92%-off their entire online store. The discount includes their Spartan Real Tempered Glass screen protectors, which are only $1.50 for iOS devices, or about $2.40 for Android devices — but only when you buy 2. Not a bad deal at all.

To get in on the deal, simply use coupon code CM92OFF at check out and watch as the prices drop to almost nothing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 4.32.22 PM

Glass screen protectors are, for the most part, superior to traditional plastic film screen protectors in just about every way, providing more protection, a slick surface, no bubbles when applying, and are less susceptible to scratches. The best part is XtremeGuard (who threw a similar sale last year) offers a 1-year warranty on all their screen protectors, even if they’re damaged during installation.

Just hurry, we’re not sure how much longer the deal or supplies will last.


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