AT&T now carrying 64GB Galaxy S6 Active, watch it get used as a hockey puck [VIDEO]


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When it launched back in June, there were a good 2 things keeping me from picking up Samsung’s more rugged S6 variant — the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. One of biggest reasons was, as in previous years, the S6 Active was once again an AT&T exclusive. The other thing holding me back was the fact that the phone was only available in a single storage configuration: 32GB. For a man of my needs, that simply wasn’t ever going to be a viable option. Here we are, a good 5 months later, and it seems AT&T is finally ready to change that.

Galaxy S6 Active ATT Samsung

Now available from is a new 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. Priced at $230 with a 2-year contract or $23 a month with installment payments ($695 full price), the phone is a full $100 more expensive than its 32GB counterpart. It still comes in the same colors as the smaller storage option with grey, camo blue or camo white all available. So at least there’s that.

Kicking off the new larger storage config is a sponsored video from UnboxTherapy as part of YouTube’s “Awesome Stuff Week.” The video takes the Galaxy S6 Active out on the ice, where the phone is put through the grueling test of being used as a hockey puck to “test” its durability. More entertainment than scientific, the phone survives a couple of slap shots before finally succumbing to a goal pole. Not bad considering the non-Active version is one of the most fragile smartphones on the planet. Check out the video down below, with a link to the 64GB model on AT&T jsut

Buy from AT&T: Samsung Galaxy S6 Active 64GB

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