Latest LG V10 promo gives away free 64GB micro SD card, spare battery, charging cradle with purchase


LG V10 promo

It may not be as good as the 200GB micro SD card bundle they offered last month, but LG is once again offering prospective LG V10 buyers a huge incentive if they purchase the phone in time for the holidays. For every LG V10 bought between now and December 20th, LG is throwing in a free 64GB micro SD card, spare battery, and charging cradle.

We can’t even tell you how awesome this is. 64GB of storage should be more than enough space to store photos, music, video and whatever else comes to mind. But it’s the spare battery and charging cradle that show off what the phone is truly capable of. With most high-end devices these days switching to non-removable batteries, having the ability to swap out a depleted battery on the fly is what sets LG devices like the V10 (and G4) apart from the other guys.

To claim the deal, you’ll need to hop on over to LG’s special promotions page and submit all the necessary paperwork. For those that purchase the LG V10 before today and after their last promo, well, let’s just hope you kept the receipt and can still return it. Link to the promo provided below.

[LG V10 promotion]


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