Deal: Amazon has the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 for $399.99 today only


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Amazon is holding a big deal on a Samsung Galaxy S6 today. You can get it for just $399.99, which is a pretty steep discount for a phone which retailed for $600+ when it first came out. This is the 32GB unlocked model, so it will be compatible with many-a GSM network by dropping a SIM card inside. It’s also fully compatible with most of the US’s LTE bands, so there’s need to worry about that.

One last important note: this does come with a standard warranty, something we thought was worth pointing out considering these unlocked devices sometimes tend to exclude one. If all of that sounds good to you — and if reading our Samsung Galaxy S6 review has persuaded you to purchase one — you can find the deal right here. Act fast though, because it’ll only last until the end of the day or until supply runs dry.

Quentyn Kennemer
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