Nexus 6P’s voice cancelling microphone may cause audio issues during calls; here’s a quick fix until Google addresses it


The Nexus 6P might have a nasty audio issue that’s causing some awkward-sounding calls for people. According to new reports from a growing list of shouters, the Nexus 6P can sometimes make you sound very muffled to the person on the other end.

Nexus 6P DSC00068

The issue was seemingly sporadic at first, but after repeated reports that the issue turns up most often when using your shoulder to hold the phone to your ear (something you’d do if you need to use both hands for something else) it seems it’s been narrowed down to an issue with the rear noise cancelling microphone.

The microphone itself is said to function just fine, but apparently is tuned to be so sensitive that it creates adverse effects when it’s covered up. One tinkerer attempted to alleviate this issue by disabling noise cancellation in their build.prop file, and to their delight the call quality issues disappeared.

Thankfully Google is already aware of the issue and they’re looking into it to see what can be done. Fingers crossed that these pains can be alleviated in a software update that makes the noise cancellation microphones less sensitive. In the meantime, if you don’t mind having a lack of noise cancellation then change the following line in your build.prop file (this app makes it easy if you’re rooted):

Change “persist.audio.fluence.voicecall” from “true” to “false”

Let us know if you’ve experienced these issues and whether the band-aid fix above works for you.

[via Digital Trends]

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