The all new Samsung Gear VR (consumer version) is now available for $99


New Samsung Gear VR Galaxy phones

If you haven’t seen the plethora of reviews hitting the internets this morning, the Samsung Gear VR — the company’s second, and less-beta attempt at virtual reality —  is now officially available for purchase. Compatible with (and only with) Samsung’s line of 2015 flagships, the all new Gear VR consumer version is powered by Oculus and delivers a first-class VR experience that wont break the bank.

Keep in mind this isn’t the exact same hardware as last year’s model. Aside from being compatible with a full range of Galaxy devices, the new Gear VR also features other slight revisions like a 22% decrease in weight and a revised touchpad. We know, it’s nothing too major, but when you have huge plastic goggles strapped to your head for hours on end, anything helps.

Reviews for the headset seem to be overwhelmingly positive for the most part. Check out these ones from The Verge, CNET, or Wired.  You’ll find the new Samsung Gear VR at the usual retailers for the very reasonable price of $99, with some Best Buy locations even providing hands-on demos if you stop on by. Links provided below for your convenience.

Buy the Samsung Gear VR from: Samsung | Best Buy | Amazon

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