Pushbullet Pro: $4.99 per month brings more storage and more features [OFFICIAL]


A rumor swirling around yesterday suggested Pushbullet was getting ready to announce the first move that would allow them to begin making serious money on their growing, powerful and popular platform. That news was announced this morning.

pushbullet pro

Say hello to Pushbullet Pro. It’s a $4.99 monthly subscription (or $39.99 annually if you want to save a few bucks) that enhances the experience in a few different ways. For starters, you’ll get more storage and bandwidth for files and messages. You’ll also get access to mirrored notification actions (when you dismiss it in Pushbullet it’s dismissed from your phone), universal copy and past (copy something on Windows and it’ll be in your phone’s clipboard) and a priority customer support line to ensure you get fast help in case you need it.

Here’s a full look at what you get with the Pro subscription compared to the free model:

Upgrade to Pro   Pushbullet

And there’s just one more thing you get that’s not listed there — the satisfaction knowing you’re helping great apps like Pushbullet stay around without having to shove ads down your throat. You can sign up for a Pushbullet Pro account right now, but you won’t be charged until December 1st. Unfortunately, that’s the date that those still on free accounts will lose some features, so think long and hard about which route you want to take before that day comes.

[via Pushbullet]

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