NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet returns as the SHIELD Tablet K1 for $199.99, Marshmallow planned soon


NVIDIA today revealed that the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is now reborn. If you don’t remember, the company had to recall tons of units a few months back due to a faulty battery. Those with faulty units were able to send them in for a replacement, but NVIDIA had to take the device off the market to make sure their next batch was good to go.

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But the company did more than just slap better batteries inside — they’ve actually refined it a bit. This is being called the SHIELD Tablet K1. It has the same internals as the original, but NVIDIA made a couple of minor design refinements to an already attractive device. They probably also made some key changes under the hood to ensure the device has a longer shelf life.

They did have to remove a couple of things to make it more cost effective, though. The DirectStylus has been completely removed, for starters, but as the display technology is still there you can always buy one separately if you want. The devie also doesn’t come with its own charger. This might be OK if you already have a horde of microUSB chargers lying around, but if you don’t then you can expect to add a few extra dollars to the price tag whenever you go to purchase one.

Speaking of which, the price tag is where we’re seeing the biggest change — you can now get one of these for $199.99, down from the $299.99 the original was going for before the incident. That’s not a small discount, and it’s suddenly become one of the most intriguing tablet options on the market with its Tegra K1 chipset. You can grab one starting today from Best Buy, NVIDIA or Amazon. Oh, and NVIDIA has confirmed plans to bring Marshmallow to both the new and original models, so stay tuned for more on that.

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