Verizon could be adding a $20 activation fee for devices bought on a payment plan


Just days after T-Mobile ridiculed their competitors for adding silly $20 fees onto every little thing, Verizon is said to be adding another one. Droid-Life is reporting that the company is planning to introduce a $20 activation fee for those who buy their devices through the company’s monthly payment plan (as opposed to outright, Edge or two-year contract options).

This fee was technically previously existent, but Verizon was simply “waiving” it for those who decided to go that route. As such, they’ll probably maintain that nothing’s changing — baloney, we know. The change is apparently scheduled to take place November 15th, the same day that they’ll be hiking the price of unlimited data to $20 for those fortunate enough to still be grandfathered in.

Quentyn Kennemer
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