T-Mobile’s Uncarrier X announcement happens at 2PM Eastern, and here’s where you can watch live online


Forgot that T-Mobile had a big Uncarrier announcement today? Well, consider this your reminder: it’s happening at 2PM Eastern time which is close to an hour from now. They’ll be streaming the announcement live for you to follow along (embed is above or at UStream’s website, though we’ll be there ourselves to get all the details up close and personal just to be sure we don’t miss anything).

tmo uncarrier x (1)

So, what’s on tap? The rumor mill is saying that T-Mobile is getting ready to introduce Video Freedom. If you thought Music Freedom — which doesn’t count music playback toward your data cap — was a big deal, then Video Freedom would be 10 times more wild considering it uses so much more bandwidth than audio.

That announcement alone would be a megaton worth the hype-laden “Uncarrier X” tag they’ve attached to this thing, but if there are any other goods to be had we’ll be sure to report every last bit. Stick around or circle back in about an hour for all the latest details.

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