You can now pre-order the Samsung Gear VR consumer edition at Best Buy for $100


Can’t wait to get your hands on the Samsung Gear VR consumer edition? If you want to make sure you have one as soon as they’re available Best Buy is giving you the chance to pre-order one right now. It’ll run you $100, which is a much more reasonable price tag than the $200 we were seeing the Innovators’ Editions going for.

Samsung GearVR 2015 1

The Samsung Gear VR enables select Samsung phones to view content in 3D virtual reality. You simply drop your compatible phone in and load the content up to jump into an immersive viewing experience. There are also some neat games to be had for the thing in the early going from the Oculus Arcade store.

So, who can use it? If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Edge or a Samsung Galaxy S6, you’re good to go. Owners of those first two devices may need to wait on a software update before they’re able to get in on the fun, but we imagine Samsung will be working with carriers to get those updates out in time for its eventual launch just as they did with Samsung Pay. 

Want one? Place a pre-order at Best Buy right here, and you’ll be set to get one as soon as the launch date arrives (which Best Buy claims is Friday, November 20th).

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