Verizon confirms the BlackBerry Priv is coming soon to their network


Verizon BlackBerry PRIV tweet

Although the BlackBerry Priv became officially available for purchase today on AT&T, it doesn’t mean they’ll be the sole carrier to offer the device. Timed exclusives are common with big-name handsets and it looks like the Priv on AT&T is no different. Verizon took a moment on Twitter to announce that the best BlackBerry to launch in years will also make its way to their network… “soon.”

Of course, it feels like it was little more than a pissing match, with Verizon failing to give an exact launch date or any other details outside of the vague “soon” timing. Just reassured if you had your heart set on the BlackBerry Priv but were stuck on Verizon, the phone will eventually make its way to the network. Sit tight.

Chris Chavez
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