Huawei’s Kirin 950 chipset aims to play with the big boys


Huawei’s Kirin line of chipsets don’t quite have the same name power as Samsung, Intel and Qualcomm’s options, but the company is out to prove that they can put together a kit of silicon that’s just as good. They took to Beijing this morning to reveal full details about the Kirin 950, their next generation chipset.

huawei kirin

Here are some highlights of what they think will make their chip stand out:

  • Four high-power ARM Cortex-A72 processors @ 2.3GHz and four low-power ARM Cortex-A53 processors @ 1.8GHz in a big.LITTLE configuration. A72 is 11% faster than 20% cheaper on power than A57
  • 16NM FinFET process
  • Mali-T880 GPU with 100% improvement over Mali-T760
  • i5 Coprocessor for gestures, location awareness and listening events
  • Category 6 LTE modem
  • Support for LPDDR4 RAM
  • Supports up to 2x 13MP cameras or 1x 31MP camera

In short, it’s a beast and should give any chipset worth its skin a run for its money. Of course, it’s not likely we’ll see this thing much as Huawei will use it for their own devices, and even then we wouldn’t expect a Huawei device to launch in Europe or America with anything but a Qualcomm chipset.

And, of course, real-world performance will always be the primary measuring stick as opposed to sheer on-paper numbers so we won’t be hasty in giving this the ol’ thumbs up just yet. That said, if anyone is looking to buy themselves a Huawei flagship down the line they most likely won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to performance.

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