HTC One A9 ad is yet another one where you can barely see the phone [VIDEO]


HTC’s ads are getting… better. But they still have some work to do if the HTC One A9’s ad is anything to go by. The spot invites you to “be brilliant and bold,” and shows a ton of people doing just that. Hiking, running, taking great photos and jamming out to music.

HTC-One-A9 (7)

The only problem is we can barely see the phone — it’s only at the end of the ad that we see the message. That’s fine, we suppose — they hook you with all the excitement in the beginning and lay the goods on you at the end. We just wish HTC would make one ad where they obsess over the phone itself as opposed to the people who might use it.

In any case, if you’re curious to check it out then be sure to find it above (and if you agreed with our opinion that HTC didn’t show the phone nearly enough, you can check it out in all its glory in our HTC One A9 review).

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