Watch the Nexus 6P fail miserably at a bend test [VIDEO]


Thanks to the iPhone 6 and #bendgate, every new phone is now subject to dozens of “bend tests” on YouTube. The Nexus 6P was recently the subject of one such bend test, as well as a scratch test and burn test. The whole gauntlet of extreme tests don’t paint a pretty picture for the durability of the Nexus 6P.

Let’s start with the scratch test. The YouTuber used a set of picks that vary on the Mohs Scale of Hardness to scratch the display. The display fared pretty well in this test by scratching right around level 6, which is where you’d expect glass to scratch. However, after the scratch test was done, the display seemed to crack very easily. The back of the Nexus 6P was very easy to scratch with a razor and keys.

The burn test, which was performed by holding a flame directly to the display, left a permanent white spot. We’re not sure why your phone would ever be subject to such intense heat, but apparently it’s a bad thing.

Nexus 6P bend

The bend test was the most surprising of the three. He was able to bend the phone almost completely in half with just his bare hands. He says “my little sister could have bent this phone in half,” but it looks to me like he had to put quite a bit of pressure on it, and the display was already cracked. Are you ever going to put that much pressure on the phone? Probably not. The results of these tests don’t look very good, but in the real world the Nexus 6P should be just fine.

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