7 Funniest iPhone 6 Bend Jokes, Pictures, and Videos


The iPhone 6 Bend problem may be slightly blown out of proportion (things bend if you bend them) but lets put the murky details aside for a moment and revel in the hilarity that BendGate has inspired. Here are our 7 favorite responses, pictures, videos, and memes to come from Apple’s latest drama… share your favorites in the comments!

#7 Kit Kat: Gimme a break

The official @KitKat twitter account gave 4.4 out of 5 droids of support by letting Apple know the deal, complete with their memorable company slogan.


#6 Tim Cook Fashion Line

Rather than fix the iPhone’s woes, some users suggested Apple’s Tim Cook could succeed by using it’s marketing prowess to popularize former fashion fads. I’m not sure if the iPhone is 2 Legit 2 Bend, but whenever I see another “durability” test I think to myself “Please hammer don’t hurt ’em”.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.00.38 PM

#5 Conan O’Brien imagines Samsung Ad

It didn’t take long for late night comedians to get in on the action – and we expect it to continue. Here was Conan’s first bend, er… stab at it.

#4 Galaxy Note 3 Ad

This fan-made print advertisement for the Galaxy Note 3 shows the iPhone 6 literally bowing at the feet of its rival, with the help of some strategically placed joints. Man… that new iPhone must have gone through Yoga training!


#3 LG Doesn’t bend, it flexes

The gorgeous new curved screen on the LG G Flex gave the company the perfect opportunity to toss it right in Apple’s face. Because, you know, their screen bends on purpose.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.08.50 PM

#2 iPhone 6 Repair Kit

Get bit by the iPhone 6 bend bug? Mobile Fun has just the accessory you need to straighten it out!

iPhone 6 repair kit

#1 iPhone 6 Dali Edition

This one, from @PhoneDesigner, is my personal favorite. It’s a hilarious concept, incorporates another cultural icon, the picture is beautifully composed, and it’s tastefully done. Great job, PhoneDesigner!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.17.39 PM

Everyone has their favorite… what’s yours? If you don’t see it above, share it with us below!

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  1. I love them all.

  2. The lg g3 doesn’t flex the lg g flex does.

  3. I for one commend apple for joining the fight against skinny jeans.Just hope all of the jokes doesn’t get them…..bent outta shape.

  4. Conan for president!

  5. They got the price on the iRolling Pin. Anything apple related must be marked up a minimum 200%

    1. It was, the price was in pounds

  6. Conan was brilliant!

  7. I dunno if this is funny, but OMG. It seems one side of the iphone (with the buttons) is much weaker. Probably why tests like Consumer Reports (and Apple themselves) missed it, since they only test pressure across the surface evenly.

    1. Wow he bent that iphone in like a nano second.

    2. I love it.

  8. The tweet from HTC is my favorite.

  9. Loved this one

  10. One vote for the Dali Edition.

  11. iPhone 6 in yoga pants.

    1. That test is comparing the weight that both sides of the phone combined can widthstand. The iphone 6’s weak point is the side with the volume keys. Even with both sides supporting it, its still significantly weaker than other phones on that list, if they had tested only the weak sides of all the phones I’m sure it would have been evident that this isn’t just a made up problem.

    2. Yea after watching that test, I question it for practical purposesgiven that the 6+ somehow did better than 6. In the larger phones the pressure is divided across a larger area dispersing the weight. The unbox therapy guy meanwhile pressed all pressure on the weakest points. In real life a larger phone is more likely to get pocket vs. Thigh pressure in the first place. Although I do hope my LG g3 it’s really that strong. I do like that we are trying to involve science and numbers versu look how much his face is grimacing metrics

    3. not really..c.r tests isnt real world.

    4. @ Mark Wheeler, if you watch ack video down you`ll see he never apply any big pressure on the IPhone 6. He pushed with his two thumbs. The Consumer report not telling the truth as what everyone showing on YouTube.

  12. How this related to android!!!!

    1. Most Android phones are better made?

  13. Love the iPhone Plus pants! Most excellent.

    1. That is what I have to give Kudos to Apple for. They have a loyal fanbase. Instead of people getting mad at Apple over a defect (bending ect.) in their beloved phone, they would rather just create clothing to prevent it from happening.

  14. The internet is so brilliant… love it.

    1. haha!! 10/10

  15. My advice to Tim Cook and Apple is, that`s the time to go and patent the bending phone. So no one can do their phones like Apple.

  16. Well …

    1. Apparently the criticism of Barnum was a bit off on the numbers:
      10 million suckers born every week!

      Bent enough for you, Gautam?

      1. If that’s what makes you happy .. But … The Truth Is Out There And its Bitter. On a side note, I have nothing againt you or with any other Androidiots. But learn to live with it ;)

        1. 10 Million people now have to learn how to put their iphone in their pocket the right way.

          1. Its okay Son, if you cant afford an iPhone, you are not alone. Just learn to live with it, get a job, you will get there.

          2. I’m sorry but I can’t hear you over the sound of your phone going banana in your pants. I guess you’ll have two embarrassing bulges in your pants next time you try and buy an attractive girl something with your piles of money to (unsuccessfully) get into her pants. Have fun.

          3. Maybe I should get a job fixing the new iphone, with so many people with it, I can make a ton of money.

            PS. I have the note 3, why would I want to get a phone that’s like the note 2 with a bending feature?

          4. I owned every Note, Note 2, Note 3 (will buy Note 4 as soon as its launched), have also owned all Galaxy from 1-5, I still have a HTC One M8 i use daily, along with an iPhone … Android just cannot beat the quality of the Apps that the ios provides. No Competition, PERIOD.

          5. So, um, why do you use an Android device?

          6. You didn’t answer my question

          7. Read above, I answered your question already. “I sure do” … with that also check the link and give your valuable feedback.

          8. Question: “Why do you use an Android device”
            Answer: “I sure do”

            …. umm… ok..

          9. This is not the time when Iphone was only on AT&T. Iphones are quites easy to get and affordable, especially with all these carriers offering deals and/or payments down. The Note 4 series with high-end specs or LG G 3 will dominate the iphone when it pertains to the feature category. The HTC One and M8 has a better build quality. Why would someone want to pay for a phone that doesn’t do much? Maybe the same reason someone would by Beats headphones or Jordans. It is simply trendy!

  17. Numbers speak. Does it even matter with response from iphone upgraders and android users moving back in mass to iphone 6/Plus purchase who once loved iphone but left for the android’s larger screen phones.

  18. LG G3: It’s no slouch.

  19. A very funny and entertaining piece. But more important is…why dont Apple fans come here to detract your funny article? Are we not interested? Is it that we dont need to be reinforced every day that we have made the correct buying decision? Of course. We know what we want and dont care what you want. A free world.
    How come the androit nuts cant get this idea through their muddle heads?

    Androitis: A fatal brain illness caused by the virus “iphone envy”. Best treatment for it is, according to latest research, to hold any iphone in hands, close eyes, and breathe deeply.

    (Actually showing you all how obnoxious you are coming into Apple sites to rant about your stupid ideas.)

    1. First of all, even if people do go onto Apple sites to post comments along the lines of what you’re describing you’re doing something similar right now. Second of all here’s some cold logic and decision-making advice for you:

      1. You dont understand sarcasm, do you?
        Yes, i am doing that to show you how obnoxious you people are in Apple sites. I am making a point kid.

        1. You don’t seem understand the concept of making a good point either. Calling me a kid doesn’t help your case. It only places more emphasis on your self-righteous arrogance. Just because you may the iPhone is everything anyone should want doesn’t mean that everyone wants a phone that’s exactly the same as every other user of the same phone.

    2. Yet, here you are…

  20. And so it begins… the bent in-store iphones. The kids know where the weak spot is now. xD

  21. When it comes to the build-quality, don’t compare apples to oranges, or bananas to NEBI.MOBI :)

  22. don’t compare apples to oranges, or bananas to NEBI.MOBI :)

  23. When it comes to the build quality, don’t compare apples to oranges, or bananas to NEBI.MOBI :)

  24. Just announced. iPhone 7, the Gumby edition.

  25. Do not try to bend the iPhone for that is impossible. Only try to realize the truth. There is no iPhone.

    1. I see what you did there.

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