Nintendo will reveal their first smartphone game tomorrow



For years, people have been begging Nintendo to make games for mobile devices. Nintendo always shot down the idea, until last March when they announced they would start embracing mobile gaming. Naturally, everyone went wild with the idea of official Mario games on their phones, but Nintendo promised new concepts. Our wait for one of these games is almost over.

The WSJ says Nintendo is set to reveal their first mobile game tomorrow, October 29th. This is just seven months after their initial announcement. As previously mentioned, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a port from a classic Nintendo game (even though that’s what everyone wants). Nintendo did say they won’t have unreasonable amounts of in-app purchases. We really have no idea what type of game to expect, but if Nintendo is involved we’re confident it will be good.

What do you expect to see from Nintendo tomorrow? Are you excited for a Nintendo mobile game?

[via WiiUDaily]

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