You can now record gameplay footage with the Google Play Games app



One of the most popular recent forms of entertainment is watching people play video games. The majority of these game are played on PC or a gaming console, but what about mobile games? A couple of weeks ago the YouTube Gaming app got the ability to broadcast live streams from your mobile device. Now, Google is adding a similar to feature to the Google Play Games app.

In the latest version of Google Play Games, the ability to record your screen has been added. It doesn’t allow you to stream a live feed, but you can record video and upload directly to YouTube. To record a video, you’ll open the Play Games app, find the game in your library, then tap the Record button. The game will launch with an overlay from the front-facing camera, and start recording after a countdown.

After your recording is finished, you can view the video in your library, or edit it in the YouTube app and upload it directly to your channel. The service supports 720p and 480p video. This is a really cool feature for people who don’t want to stream themselves live playing a game, but can still do recording easily from the device.

[via Android Blog]

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