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Apple Music for Android has been slated to arrive this Fall since it was announced. Since then Apple has released a different Android app, but it turns out they didn’t really make it. We’ve been curious to see how they will treat the Apple Music app for Android. We now have our first look at the app, thanks to Mobilegeeks (German).

To the surprise of no one, the app looks a lot like the iOS version. It has everything you would expect from Apple Music: For You, New, the infamous Radio, Connect, and My Music. The big difference between the Android an iOS version is the navigation. Apple has utilized the standard Android slide-out menu, whereas the iOS version has tabs across the bottom. We have to tip our hat to Apple on that one. They could have very easily made the app a complete iOS clone.

This is still a very early version of the app, so there is a possibility it looks a little different when it launches. The fact that they’re this far on the app is good news for Android users patiently waiting for Apple Music. There are many great streaming music services already available on Android, but it’s always nice to have more options. Will you try Apple Music when it arrives?

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