New Google Play UI is now rolling out


Google confirmed they are ready to deliver the first big UI update to Google Play in a long time, and that update is now going out to smartphones. Google is pushing the update out in waves, of course, so you probably won’t see it right away — even if you got the latest APK here.

google play store update 2

The new Google Play UI switches things up a considerable amount up front. Content is split between two different categories: Apps and Games, and Entertainment. This makes it not only easier to highlight and differentiate between the different types of content available in Google Play, but also gives more apps the chance to shine at the top.

Speaking of which, Google’s also brought us a new carousel for featured Google Play downloads. It features a nice big image that’ll take you to whichever app, game, album or whatever it is they’re highlighting. This is a much better implementation than the previous implementation, which was limited to an app icon and name for the most part.

Be sure to check your Google Play store to see if it’s hit your device yet (clearing cache and restarting the app might be able to force it). If not, sit tight as it shouldn’t be long before it makes its way to your Android phone.

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