HTC teases ‘next evolution of the One’ with mysterious new video


HTC One A9 BeBrilliant teaser

HTC already made it known last month that they plan to unveil a new Android device on October 20th in NYC. This “#BeBrilliant” event is where we’re likely to see the HTC One A9, a smartphone which, according to recent leaks, looks strikingly similar to the iPhone 6. To further hype the event, they took to their Twitter account to upload a moody new video. It’s the typical smartphone teaser, showing mountains (earth), clouds (wind), and rain (water), all over a techno beat.

What’s more is HTC’s launch site — where they plan to stream the event — is letting you enter into a contest being thrown by HTC and Tidal, that high fidelity music streaming service owned by Jay-Z. The new partnership almost guarantees you’ll see the app pre-loaded on HTC’s latest One device, so we’re expecting audio to be a main focus. We’ll learn more on October 20th, so stay tuned.


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