Huawei Watch’s proprietary charging cradle is now available on the Google Store


Huawei Watch charging cradle 3

If you’re a Huawei Watch owner, you’ll know there’s no greater pain than leaving that proprietary charger at home while you’re away on a trip or perhaps just visiting the folks. Because nobody likes to reach behind their nightstand every time they have to take their charger with them, a replacement charging cradle is now available on the Google Store for your convenience.

Technically the listing has been since around the time the Huawei Watch first became available, but it’s only now you can actually buy the thing. Priced at $40, this thing doesn’t come cheap, but then again, neither did the watch. Hopefully the convenience of having a spare (or replacement) will make up for it, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Hit up the link below and grab the charging cradle for your Huawei Watch right now.

[Google Store]

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