Deal: Get the original Microsoft Band for $100 (that’s a 50% price cut)


Out with the old, in with the new. The 2nd Generation Microsoft Band has a lot going for it, and Microsoft wants to give it the spotlight. That’s why they’ve chopped the MSRP of the original Microsoft Band by 50%. That makes it $100 from its original price tag of $200.

That’s not a bad deal for a first generation fitness band that still has enough sensors and doohickeys to make for a competent experience. It has all the same sensors as the new device, save for the natural barometer that was introduced last week. It also doesn’t have a curved display or a metal frame, but those aesthetics don’t have an impact on functionality.

microsoft band 1

You’d normally expect retailers to follow along with a new MSRP, but Amazon and Best Buy seemingly want to turn a bit more profit on these things. Their listings add between $23 and $30 over Microsoft’s price, so that’s something you’ll have to deal with if you can’t order them from Microsoft for one reason or another. Otherwise, go get your $100 fitness band (works with any Android device on Android 4.3 or higher) if you’ve been looking for a perfect excuse to do so.

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