Samsung could use a force touch display inside the Galaxy S7


Hot new Galaxy S7 rumor for you, folks: Samsung could be looking to match Apple’s 3D Touch display tit-for-tit. A new rumor from a solid Weibo leakster says Samsung is one of the companies working with Synaptics to get their hands on pressure sensitive displays.

Apple iPhone 6s 3D Touch

Synaptics’ implementation is called ClearForce, and it should work similarly — if not close to identical — to how it does on the iPhone 6S. The display can recognize different levels of pressure that’ll open up new user experiences (such as a light press for previewing a file and hard pressing to fully open it).

Samsung would obviously be accused of “copying” Apple if they look to go this route, though that’s inevitable. The fact of the matter is that Apple didn’t invent force touch technology, nor do they own the rights to it. That gives Samsung all the more reason to deliver the goods in their 2016 smartphone without feeling bad about it.

Samsung is always good for including at least one major innovation with each flagship smartphone release (this year was MST for contactless payments using Samsung Pay), and a pressure sensitive display could be just what they need to keep that trend going. Would you want to see this in the Samsung Galaxy S7?

[via SamMobile]

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