Google Voice still showing signs of life, Android app gets mysterious new update


Google Voice voicemail transcription

Google Voice is seeing an update in the Google Play Store and although we’re not sure exactly what’s new (there’s no posted changelog), we have to admit it was pretty surprising to see the first update the Android app has had since it began its Hangouts integration last year.

That was all the way back in September of 2014 and since then, there’s been a few updates on Google sides of things, bringing support for MMS across most carriers, and more recently dramatically improved voice mail transcriptions. Although Google hasn’t posted a changelog, it seems this new version could be little more than bug fixes. I know, we were hoping for a Material Design makeover as well, but no luck.

If you don’t see the updated app (version in the Play Store just yet, no need to worry. It’ll get there. Just check back every few hours or so. Google Play link provided below.

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