Google Voice now supports picture messaging from more than 100 carriers (but not Verizon)


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After seeing full Google Voice integration in Hangouts a few weeks back, Voice users are now being treated to another long requested update (seriously, this has been in the works since 2011). Revealed by Alex Wiesen on his Google+ page only moments ago, Google Voice has expanded MMS support to over 100 North American carriers including big ones like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Telus, Bell Canada, and Rogers.

Receiving picture messages in Hangouts has long been hit or miss, typically requiring the forwarding of MMS messages to one’s Gmail. With full carrier support, Voice users no longer have to wonder whether or not they’ve missed out on a funny meme or baby picture — it’s all coming through (even group MMS messages, although individually).

Of course, not all carriers are onboard with the new update (cough, Verizon), with Google asking them to please enable MMS support for Google Voice on their network. Yes. Freakin’. Please.

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  1. Hangouts getting Google Voice features, Google Voice getting text message features, oh Lord.. such confusion

    1. Some people like choices. Let’s grace this with our love!!

    2. Agreed. This all sounds like it should lower my phone bill (voice, text and pic mes over data) but it won’t.

      1. It could. Just get a data only plan and you should be good. Go for Republic Wireless and you’ll probably be golden (unless they’re not in the 100+)


  3. Now, add optional pop-up notifications and response and I bury Handcent once and for all… Ok, I’m greedy… Custom LED light too and I’ll rate Handcent 1 star, then bury it.

    1. Custom LED lights you say? Check out LightFlow app… awesome.

      1. Or pretty much any custom rom

      2. Frankly, I would settle for one or the other from Hangouts. The LED or the Pop-up. I just want to know at a glance whether or not I have a text waiting as I generally keep my phone on vibrate during the day. The Pop-up comes in handy when driving or working. It’s more of a convenience, hardly a deal breaker either way.

        1. Try Dynamic Notifications. Simple design, can show you single app icon or excerpt from message.

          I use it mainly to ignore emails and endless WhatsApp notifications.

      3. Yea LightFlow is the best.

  4. Now if only there was true sending of MMS instead of that dang on link it currently sends

    1. So MMS is sent through the server and not from your device directly? Well at least it works.

  5. This is nice and all, but anything beyond a 1on1 SMS, i use WhatsApp.
    If at work I use Hangouts instead of SMS altogether (keyboard FTW). I just wish it wasn’t so slow on a phone.

  6. You’ll have to wait a little longer…….longer with big red…

  7. Verizon blocking a competing service? Surprise, surprise. /s

  8. This is great, I can restart giving my Google # without warning about no pics. It was the worst when giving it to women and not being able to receive pictures.

    And there’s 100+ networks in NA? Wow.

  9. Didn’t work for me. Had someone send me a pic to my GV number and nothing happened. This is a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile.

  10. Because verizon is sure they can stick people for more money.

  11. Didn’t we all just move off of Google Voice not even a month ago?

  12. I don’t get it. There are these Canadian carriers listed but Google voice isn’t available in Canada. How does that work?

  13. So, being a Verizon user I am not really sure the answer on this… Is this integration into the web interface for GV as well? My understanding is the integration to Hangouts causes all texts in/out to become “normal messaging rates apply” for texting as opposed to being unlimited/free with GV. Is that correct too? I haven’t integrated to Hangouts and I’m sure at some point it will be forced, but to be honest I like it separated and I like GV for the clean interface. Hangouts sits as a tiny part of a skinny frame on Gmail for me and isn’t as good for looking up historical stuff (on top of the fact that old stuff wouldn’t migrated over anyway).

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