Apple declined to add Chromecast support to Apple Music even after Google asked nicely


Google has long shown that they’re not above working with the competition to help bring services and features to as many people as possible, even if that competition swears to destroy them in a nuclear business war (whatever that means). You can’t always say the same for the other side, though

Despite Apple seemingly coming to grips with the idea that it’s possible for companies to work together (they even went as far as inviting Microsoft to their iPad Pro and iPhone 6S event for an Office presentation, and will also bring Apple Music to Android), they weren’t so quick to make a move on one tiny request: load Apple Music up with Chromecast support.

Apple Music Windows and Android

Google apparently asked Apple to implement the functionality to celebrate the launch of Chromecast Audio, but Apple seems to have declined the request. Pride? Prejudice? Tells of an upcoming competing platform? Who knows. It’s Apple. They’d mostly prefer to believe no one exists and no one needs anything but the products they provide.

But we know that’s not true. I have a brother, a sister and a mother who are all iPhone users. They’re all Apple Music users. And they all use Chromecast to beam their multimedia to their home theater systems. Old habits die hard, we suppose, but Apple should come off their high horse and start playing a bit more ball.

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