Jun 29th, 2015

Hangouts 4.0 iOS

It’s probably not the Hangouts update Android users have been expecting, but Hangouts 4.0 rolled out today for iOS users and brings a slick new user interface and a few other tricks along with it.

Most notably, an all new attachment UI that looks similar to other popular messaging apps, with photos that replace the keyboard for easy sending. What’s more is you can now send multiple photos at once, something anyone that’s spent a lot of time with the app will appreciate. With Google Photos now backing up all your photos and videos for free (the Android version of the app pools these in with your on-device photos), this is something that should really come handy.

While we have yet to hear a peep out of Google, we’re crossing our fingers that an Android version isn’t too far behind. With “Update Wednesday” soon approaching, it could be no more than a few days away although we wont get our hopes up. Maybe Google will finally allow Android users to send video clips — like they already do on iOS — as well?


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