OnePlus X launches next month: Snapdragon 801 and 5-inch display for $250 [RUMOR]


So we know OnePlus has an interesting device — the OnePlus X — coming out by the end of this year, but not many details were known (though early renders did give us an idea of what to expect). Thankfully some have surfaced, as GizmoChina has received information regarding the phone’s specs, price and availability.

oneplus x mini

For starters, the display is seemingly locked in at 5 inches this point, which sounds ridiculous to consider a “small” phone, but compared to the OnePlus 2 it is. We also get word that the chipset will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801, which was 2014’s beast.

The price tag is what really got our ears perked, though. It’ll apparently cost just $250, which should appease the crowd who thought the OnePlus 2 was a tad too expensive. And yes, while this is technically expected to be a lesser device compared to the OnePlus 2, it should still offer up high level performance.

We’re said to be seeing its launch as soon as next month, which is good news for those who didn’t want to wait long. At this point, though, we wouldn’t blame you if you had your eyes set on something a bit more juicy.

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