Google planning 10.2-inch Pixel C Android tablet, plus new details on 2nd Gen Chromecast


We’ve all been hearing about the Nexus phones that are sure to be announced at tomorrow’s event, but Google might have even more up their sleeves. It’s being reported that the company will unveil a new 10.2-inch Android tablet.

This tablet will supposedly come as part of the Pixel lineup, and will be known as the Pixel C. This would make it not only the first Pixel tablet, but also the first device in the lineup that runs Android. We’re not sure why Google deviated from their ChromeOS for this device, but they did.

google chromebook pixel 2015 hero 2

Pictured: The 2015 Chromebook Pixel

It’s worth noting that this is not being called a Nexus device, though we aren’t exactly sure why. The Pixel line has delivered super premium quality devices to date, so perhaps this tablet will be no different.

The early specs sound that way, with it rumored to have NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 quad-core chipset running things under the hood. It’ll also have 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 308ppi for that 10.2 inch display, and a USB Type-C port for charging and data sync. Expect it to come doused in a premium metal finish, and look for it to be offered next to optional keyboard docks.

A revelation is all we’ll get according to the source, as Google won’t be putting it up for sale until November. We wouldn’t expect Nexus-like price tags when they do (think closer to $1,000 than the standard tablet mark of $500), so be sure to start figuring out a savings plan if you want one.

Speaking of Chrome-related news, new details about the 2nd generation Chromecast have also leaked out. For starters, there will only be 3 alternate colors, and they’re the same ones we saw before: red, yellow, and black. The device is also expected to cost as much as the original did at launch with a $35 price tag.

Chromecast Featured ready to cast

There’s a high possibility that the new Chromecast will have full support for 4K displays, and from what we’re hearing there should be dual-band WiFi AC for the best streaming performance. The software side of things won’t change a ton, though Google is said to be planning an update that will make content discovery more prevalent than anything else. Also, expect Google Photos support, if you care about that sort of thing.

The rumor also suggests Chromecast Audio — a 3.5mm dongle that turns any speaker into a Google Cast speaker — will cost the same $35. These low cost options should be great for folks who don’t already have elaborate wireless speakers or multimedia players in their home, and there’s no reason they won’t be just as successful as the original was. All the details are said to be laid out for us tomorrow, at which point the devices will also go on sale.

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