Verizon version of the Nextbit Robin confirmed as Kickstarter reaches $1,000,000


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Alongside feel-good news that their smartphone has surpassed $1,000,000 on Kickstarter, Nextbit today announced that they are indeed planning to bring out a CDMA version of their cloud-driven Robin smartphone. This version will specifically work with Verizon, so Sprint users are going to have to keep their fingers crossed for further development.

Nextbit says that they will price the CDMA version’s Kickstarter pledge at $300 for the first 300 people in order to be fair to those who would have made an early bird pledge for a CDMA variant. After that stock is depleted they will charge the standard price of $350.

If you weren’t around for the original announcement, the Nextbit Robin aims to virtually eliminate the pains which come with the lack of device storage by using the cloud to keep your device’s local storage nice and neat. It’ll automatically move photos, video and documents to the cloud and make them easily accessible just as if those files were still on your phone.

You can read more about the Nextbit Robin here, and for those who want to pledge some dollars can head right here. Oh, and here is our hands-on with the Nextbit Robin if you’re wondering how this thing presents itself in the flesh.

The Verizon CDMA variant will be available to order starting tomorrow at 10am Pacific, so be sure to wake up bright and early so you can secure that early bird pricing.

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