Here’s a look at the Nexus 5X in mint [LEAK]


We’ve gotten a lot of views of the Nexus 5X before, but not quite like this. Today, we get a look at the device in what appears to be an alternate color option. It’s a very light blue — so light it almost looks white — that Google and LG will look to market as “Mint.”

nexus 5x mint 2

There isn’t anything else noticeably different about the device compared to the black and white models it’ll launch alongside, though the white-toned text and logos on the back are in large contrast to the dark-on-light configuration we’ve seen in other leaks. It makes for a neat looking effect, though we’re not so sure we would have minded either way.

nexus 5x mint

We also get a rare look at the device’s front, but that also doesn’t reveal much. We can see the front-facing camera and the upper speaker grill, but the person’s finger in the photo is covering the bottom bezel so we can’t see a potential second front-facing speaker. Fortunately it won’t be long before we get a clear look at this thing as Google is said to be announcing both the LG-made Nexus 5X and the Huawei-made variant September 29th.

[via UnderKG]

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