AT&T quadruples unlimited data throttling limit to 22GB


AT&T has been facing a lot of pressure from the FTC lately regarding their unlimited data throttling policy. The main issue they’ve had is with consumer communication, as the FTC felt they weren’t open enough about their policies for limiting data speeds once users get to a certain threshold.


Well, AT&T certainly has made that information more visible — this page is proof positive of that. But they’ve gone a step further and significantly increased the pool of data users can use before they’re slowed down. The previous limit was 5GB, but AT&T will now wait until you hit 22GB before they throw the sirens on.

This obviously isn’t as savory a situation as not being throttled at all, but if AT&T is going to do it it’s nice that they’re giving folks a lot more wiggle room to work with. AT&T will also notify you when you reach 16.5GB, so you can adjust your usage in order to avoid the throttle. Short of doing away with throttling altogether, this is as good of a policy as you’re going to get for now.

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