OnePlus could be teasing a leather back cover for the OnePlus 2 you can’t buy


OnePlus has started teasing something on social media, and we don’t know what it is. The obscure image shows what appears to be a phone that’s sporting leather, and sits behind a tagline that states “a bit of welcome luxury.”

oneplus luxury teaser

So what is it? A new phone? We do know OnePlus has another handset planned for later this year, so that’s a slight possibility. But a more sensible guess is that this is a special premium leather back cover for the OnePlus 2. Yes, the same OnePlus 2 that OnePlus regrets you can’t yet buy.

And vocal OnePlus fans (or ex-fans, maybe) are letting it be known that teasing an accessory for a phone that’s almost impossible to buy is a bit ridiculous. Here are some choice quotes from the comments:

having a phone would be luxury ;-)”

“Leather invite to the queue to get an invite to buy the phone”

Leather NFC Adapter”

It’s the “Oneplus Maybe we’ll get it right this time ” 2.5 phone! op2.5″

The luxury of not screwing up ? “

Oh, and someone thinks it looks like shoe laces. Or a caterpillar. We’ll allow it, so long as those shoelaces come with a way to buy the phone whenever OnePlus reveals whatever it is they’re teasing.

[via Google+]

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