Tumi and AT&T’s Global Locator tracks your bags no matter where they are


Tumi and AT&T have come together to announce a new product for frequent travelers whose bags seem to turn up missing a bit too often. It’s the Tumi Global Locator, a small device that you can stuff inside your luggage to locate it wherever it is.

It uses a combination of WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM data and GPS to give you its precise location no matter where it is in the world. The device automatically shuts off while it’s on a plane that’s in the air so as to not interfere with any flying regulations. When it comes back down, it turns back on. Sounds simple enough.


You can use a smartphone app to track your belongings and see exactly when it gets to where it’s supposed to be going. We imagine this was only made possible thanks to AT&T’s global presence and the partnerships they already have in place to support international data roaming for their customers.

Unfortunately we don’t get many other details about the device just yet, such as how much it’ll cost or how long it can go on battery before it needs to be charged, but we do know when it’ll be here — Q4 2015, which is a mere month away.

Can’t wait that long? There are similar luggage tracking solutions on the market already. Trakdot is a pretty popular one for just $49.99 and an annual subscription of $19.99. If that sounds too rich for you then it’s probably worth waiting for more details on Tumi’s option to see if theirs is any more economical. Be sure to sign up for more info when available over at their website.

[via Business Wire]

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